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JOD Ministries


Creeds, Confessions & Statements





     One of the purposes of JODM is the intentional recovery and introduction of the Biblical and Historical Faith of Baptists on God's Sovereignty and related Doctrines. In order to demonstrate our commitment to the Biblical and Historic Baptist principles, JODM agrees to and promotes the doctrines of grace set forth in the following.


What is a creed?

Apostles CreedNicene Creed


Confession and Catechism

Waldensian (1120 A.D.)
Westminister (1648 A.D.)
London Baptist Confession (1689 A.D.)
Philadelphia Baptist Confession (1853 A.D.)
New Hampshire Confession (1853 A.D.)
Abstract of Principles (1858 A.D.)
Baptist Faith and Message - 1963 A.D.
Baptist Faith and Message (1925-2000)
Heidelberg Catechism
Canons of Dort
Baptist Catechism with proofs

Statements and Declarations

Chicago Statement of Biblical Inerrancy
Cambridge Declaration