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Subject:   Pastor’s Anniversary   


 Because of his:

 I. LABORING IN THE MINISTRY (1 Thess.5:12a,b,c)

      “ …We urge you, brethren, to (knowKJV, torecognizeNKJV, toappreciateNASB) those who labor among you

 “…We urge you brethren.” Now at the first glance, this verb “urge” seems to suggest urgency or being pushy. In Greek, however, the word is erotao, and is the most delicate and tender expression for prayer or request with the one asking and the one being asked being on equal level. In other words, “we are not making a request of you that we ourselves will not heed.”


So the word “URGE”…means, 1) To ask of a person, 2) To ask for something, 3) To pray as a request

 Let me point out two important concepts here:

A. The right attitude is critical in showing appreciation.

      The right attitude is Spirit-motivated.

 So the request is to “recognize.” This does not mean simple face recognition, but that the people of God are to literally know their pastors well enough to have an intimate appreciation for them and to respect them because of their “value.

If the right attitude is critical in showing appreciation – then…


B. The right action is contagious in showing appreciation.

     Our actions speak louder than words. Right?

The request is to the “brethren.” The word is adelphos, a brother/adelphe, and a sister. The root is delphus, and means a womb. Are you ready for this? The request goes to the brethren – people from the same womb!


The use of adelphos – brethren also came to designate a community of love based on the commonality of believers due to Christ’s work on the cross and in their lives.  Love is the bases for the right action. Mark 12:28-31, says…”Love God!”

   “We urge, beseech, ask, or request of you, brethren, to recognize, know, or appreciate those who labor among you.”

This word labor is in a verb form here, but in the language it is a present participle. So it lit. Reads, “ recognize those who are laboring among. The idea is, working to the point of exhaustion!



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