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Sermon Study Notes

Subject:   Pastor’s Anniversary   



Title:      Biblical Reasons For Expressing Appreciation to A Pastor-Teacher

Text:      1 Thess. 5:12-13

“Honoring a Servant of God who preaches and teaches the Word of God”


Purpose:      To admonish the people of God to be biblical in every act of expression as well as  expressing special appreciation to the Pastor-Teacher.



Watching, warning and _______ work are important tasks for the Pastor-teacher. Paul was convinced of that and _______ on God’s people to be proactive.


1.      1 Cor.16:18  “____________ them for their service to the Lord.”

2.      1 Tim.5:17 “____________ worthy of double honor.”

3.      Hebrews 13:17 “_________ them do it with joy.”


In other words, the Bible is replete or filled with admonitions:


a.      1 Peter 5:1-4 ______________ to the undershepherd in regard to the sheep.

b.      Gal.6:6-10 _______________ to the sheep in regard to the undershepherd.

c.        Eph.4:29-5:2; John 13:34-35 _____________ to both the undershepherd and the sheep in regard to one another.

Why then, should we show appreciation to the pastor? Because of his…


I.        LABORING IN THE MINISTRY (1 Thess.5:12a,b,c)

A. KJV says, “to ­­­­_________________”

      B. NKJV says, “_________________”

      C. NASB says, “_________________”

The English word “________” in Greek, however, the word is erotao, and means:

1)      To__________

2)      To__________

3)      To__________


*      The right __________ is critical in showing appreciation. The right attitude ____Spirit-motivated.

*      The right __________ is contagious in showing appreciation. Our _______ speak louder than words.

The request is to the “brethren.” Adelphos means a ____________ Adelphe means a ________.

Adelphus means a _____________!






A.      Oversight in shepherding/___________ the flock (1 Peter 5:1-4)

B.      Oversight in preaching _____________ for the Father (2 Tim.4:1-5)

C.      Oversight in planning and ____________ future advances (Prov.16:3; 11:14)



A simple planning format includes the following:




1.      Pray for _________ and direction

2.      Formulate the ______________ the what?

3.      Program or ____________ the how to.

4.      Schedule or ______________ the when?

5.      The _________ or resources -manpower/__________.




A.      Sound instructions in _____________ to all believers (Titus 2:1-8)




B.      Sound instructions to the __________ (1 Tim.6:17-19)



    Notice the complete request in vv.12, 13…


1.      Recognize ___________

2.      Esteem _____________

3.      Submit to __________




   Why should the church express appreciation to the pastor-teacher? Because of his Laboring ministry, that is, working to the point of exhaustion, we express appreciation to him because of his Overseeing ministry, that is, standing before the flock to lead them in the way of righteousness. And

Finally, we appreciate him because of his Admonishing ministry of instructing in the truths of God’s Word. I believe those are the Biblical REASONS for showing appreciation to the pastor of this flock!