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He is giving the Holy Spirit from the Father to all those who are truly His. The three Persons of the Trinity thus combine in the work of saving sinners. In other words, the Father initiates our salvation, the Lord Jesus Christ died to secure our salvation, the Holy Spirit applies the benefits of salvation to all those who genuinely believe. There is no salvation apart from repentance and trust.

In the remaining of our time, we will explore some affirmations,denials, and explanations of the gospel.

1A. As a believing community, we must affirm that the gospel entrusted to the church is:

a. God's gospel - "Paul, a bondservant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated to the gospel of God" (Rom.1:1). In the MaCarthur Study Bible, we have som insightful explanations of this verse.

b. God is the author of the gospel. That is, He reveals it to us and by his Word. Gospel's authority and trust rest on Him alone.

2A. As a believing community, we must deny that the truth or authority of the gospel derives from any human insight or invention. Let's take time to read Gal.1:1-11.

3A. As a believing community, we must explain that this gospel sets forth Jesus Christ as the living Savior, Master, Life, and Hope of all who put their trust in Him alone.

1B. As a believing community, we must affirm that the gospel diagnoses the universal human condition as one of sinful rebellion against God, which, if unchanged, will lead each person to eternal loss (hell) under God's condemnation.

2B. As a believing community, we must also deny any rejection of the falleness of human nature or any assertion of the natural goodness, or divinity, of the human race.

3B. As a believing community, we must be able to convincingly explain humanity's radical corruption, God's sovereign choice, Christ's purposeful atonement, the Spirit's effectual call, God's preservation of the saints, God's absolute freedom, God's pleasure in His own, and God's supreme love for His Son.


Recapitulation/Application/Appeal and conclusion