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Sermon Study Notes

By Lewis C. Lampley


SERIES:       A Celebration of the Biblical Gospel

TITLE: The Compelling Reasons for Preaching the Gospel - Part 1

TEXT: Romans 1:13-18

PURPOSE:  To equip Christians with the basic facts of the gospel so that they can give a reasonable defense for believing, living, and proclaiming the gospel.




In a document entitled THE GOSPEL OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST - an evangelical celebration, we read from the preamble these thrilling statements:

 The gospel of Jesus Christ is news , good news: the best and most important news that any human being hears.


This gospel declares that the only way to know God in peace, love, and joy is through the reconciling death of Jesus Christ the risen Lord.


This gospel is the central message of the Holy Scriptures, and is the true key to understanding them. That is, the other messages of the Bible.


This gospel identifies Jesus Christ, the Messiah of Israel, as the Son of God and God the Son, the second Person of the Holy Trinity, whose incarnation, ministry, death, resurrection, and ascension fulfilled the Father’s saving will. His death for sins and His resurrection from the dead were promised beforehand by the prophets and attested by eyewitnesses. In God’s own time and in God’s many ways, Jesus Christ shall return as glorious Lord and judge of all. Notice the following passages:

   1 Thess.4:13-18

   Matt. 25:31-32

Someone may be asking, “What is He doing now?”